Herbal Black Hair Dye Powder

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Ayurvedic Hair Dye Products

New Moon Noni Shampoo ( 15 ml X 20 pcs ) Rs. 1400

Turn your grey hair black within 5 Minutes with New moon Noni Black Hair Magic Shampoo and say good bye to all old products like heena, mehandi or other products for color the hair.

If you use heena, mehandi or other hair color then you have to wait for hours but with this shampoo you can color your hair within 5 minutes. No need to go for salons for coloring your hair. You can color your hair while taking bath only. No other extra time is required.

NEW MOON NONI BLACK HAIR MAGIC SHAMPOO has been developed after 5 years of research. It is made from herbal extracts and herbal nourishing cream such as Aloe Vera, Olive, Noni, Amla, Wild Ginseng Root Extract, Ganoderma Lucidum. Regular usage of this product is helpful to prevent hair fall and dandruff. This shampoo turns your hair black not skin and last up to 3 to 4 weeks.

A combination of various fruit essence and herbal extracts, it rapidly turns your hair black safely. It clears dandruff, supplements nutrients to the roots of the hair and effectively prevents hair loss.

noni black hair shampoo

New Moon Jadi Buti Hair Oil 200 ml Rs. 450

New moon Hair Vitalizer bio hair oil has been developed after 10 years of research.It is processed as per tail pakvidhi.

Based on ancient ayurvedic principles new moon hair oil contains exotic blend of ayurvedic and herbal ingredients like Bhringraj, Amla, Jatamanasi, Almond oil, Olive oil and Coconut oil.

Benefits of bio Hair Oil

•Control Hair Fall

•Hair growth

•Helps in promoting hair growth naturally

•Increases hair volume

•Effective in premature greying of hair

•Makes hair Healthy, strong, thick and shiny

•Controls Dandruff

•Provides deep nourishment and strengthens hair roots

•Useful in sleeplessness and headache

•Packed with natural goodness of therapeutic herbs

•Improves blood circulation to hair follicles

•Helps to make hair strong, vitalized with a naturally healthy look

•Scalp Nourishment

Method of Application: Gentle massage on the scalp two hours before bath or at bed time. It can also be used regularly after bath.

Composition: Amla, Bhringraj, Jatamanashi, Khas, Tulsi Oil, MehandiPatta, Kapoor, Brahmi, Gunja, Malkangini, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Akhroot Oil, Sesame Oil.

Packing :200 ml

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